This is a bunch of things I want to keep all in one place. It's my first attempt to replace
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Dan Langille 9b5e2fbaab Update 'upgrade to new ports repo' 4 months ago
Bacula-What-Jobs-Are-In-This-Pool Every wonder what jobs are in this Bacula Pool? 1 year ago First commit 2 years ago
after Add 'after' 7 months ago
dev-freshports-snapshots add snapshots from slocum:tank_fast/data/dev-ingress01/usr.local.libexec.freshports 6 months ago
freshports_ingress_datasets manipulate the ZFS filesystems used within a FreshPorts ingress jail 6 months ago
inlet Add the pf file used on the now-decommissioned inlet server 7 months ago Update '' 12 months ago
patch-plugins_check__pgsql.c Patch to avoid erroneous checks on database names 8 months ago
poudriere.conf add poudriere.conf 9 months ago Add in this FreshPorts moved script for 2 years ago
r720 postgresql database sets Add 'r720 postgresql database sets' 7 months ago
upgrade to new ports repo Update 'upgrade to new ports repo' 4 months ago

This is a collection of amusing things.