A collection of scripts I didn't know where else to put
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I wanted a place to share various scripts.

ZFS snapshot with Bacula

These scripts create ZFS snapshots and allow Bacula to back them up.

[dan@slocum:~] $ zfs list -r system/data/repos
NAME                           USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT
system/data/repos             21.7G  12.9T   176K  none
system/data/repos/gitea       14.1G  12.9T  2.41G  /iocage/jails/git.langille.org/root/var/db/gitea
system/data/repos/subversion  7.60G  12.9T  7.57G  /iocage/jails/svn/root/usr/local/svn/repos
[dan@slocum:~] $ 


A script for use with Bacula to backup all the jails. Specific to iocage, but you can alter that


A script for use with Bacula to backup my subversion repo.


A script for use with Bacula to backup my git repo.


Some examples which use the above scripts